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POEMS & prose


Nominated for a PUSHCART PRIZE, 2019 (ongoing)

"Prayer for What Stays, As a Corset" SWWIM Every Day

"Prayer with Torn Edges & Animals" in PONTOON POETRY.

Also named a Finlist for the PALETTE POETRY PRIZE, judged by Edward Hirsch. 

click for a list of winners & finalists

RUNES, Winter Solstice 2005, ed. Follet & Terris.

Boston Book Review
"The Cup" (Vol. 5, Issue 6)
"Harm's Way"(Vol. 4, Issue 1)

Women's Studies Quarterly, Vol. 43
“What Rough Beast”

“Strung,” November, 2014
“Fable,” October, 2011

Poetry Northwest,
“Bewilder,” “Snow Globe,” “Nothing to Declare”

The Journal
“Postlude: Madrigal” (Volume 28.2)
“Residuum” (Volume 26.1)
"About Refusal" (Volume 21.1)

Orion Magazine;
Vol. 22 Issue 5 (Fall 2003)
(Spring 2000)
“One or Two Things Sacred to Sorrow”

Sonora Review; Issue 45
"Pregnant Sonnet II"; "Pregnant Sonnet VIII"

Ploughshares; Vol. 31 Issue 4, p138

New England Review; Vol. 25 Issue 3, p76

Northwest Review;
Vol. 48 Issue 1
"Tenants"; "Tibishi"; "Gandy Dance";"Kam Wah Chung & Co"
Vol. 48 Issue 2
"Whiskey"; "Welshpool, c 1807"; "Cursing Pot"

New Orleans Review
Vol. 29 Issue 1
"Anemnesis"; "Plumed Wings, Apposing Thumbs & Other Household Mutations"
Vol. 34 Issue 1, p18


The Inspired Poet,  ed. Susan Landgraf, Two Sylvias Press

Poetry Northwest " On Kizer: "The Substance of Song"

SHORT TAKES: Brief Encounters with Contemporary Nonfiction, ed. Judith Kitchen, published by W.W. Norton (flash essay)

Litfuse literary festival Litfuse 2018, Mighty Tieton


Los Angeles Review of Books "Tasting Notes: A Year in Wine & Poems"


Los Angeles Review of Books "Tasting Notes..." (part 2)



Two Collaborations with Buster Simpson"poetic License" & "Instrument Implement"


looktouchblog Bloglist: female poets



Northwest Review, 50th Anniversary Issue.
       Solicited piece for "Place in Northwest Literature: A Symposium"; September 2007.



Agni review of "David St. John's Study for the World's Body"
           "An elegant manifesto of the claims and consequences of imagination, or reflection and representation. It shows what's at stake for a writer engaged in observing complex dances of mind and body choreographed by human desire and accompanied by a music heard so deeply…" -- Katrina Roberts