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The 4th Annual Big Poetry Give Away!

Ok, so I admit, I'm terrible at "blogging"; I guess I'm writing stuff down elsewhere, instead... but once again I thought I'd dust off this page to participate in the Big Poetry Give Away poet Kelli Russell Agodon started four years ago, during National Poetry Month, curated this year by Susan Rich.

Poetry bloggers give away two books (one of their own, and one by another),
so I thought I'd sign on to give away:

1) Friendly Fire, published by Lost Horse Press, Selected as the Winner of the Idaho Prize by Robin Becker, and a finalist for the Washington State Book Award.
2) Commons by Myung Mi Kim, published by University of California Press.

If you'd like to be entered into the contest for these books, please add your name and e-mail in the comments section, and I'll put you into my grandpa's old fedora or our Mad Hatter's Tea Party Hat, or whatever I can find to draw names randomly from sometime during the first two weeks of May. Then I'll send out the prizes...

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