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catpajamas, a blog

Poetry Blogging Network

In the spirit of bridges, creative conversation, beginnings...

Thanks ongoing to brilliant writer/poet/editor Kelli Russell Agodon for setting this community in motion.

The "Poetry Blogging Network: A loose affiliation of poetry bloggers, being organized by Kelli Russell Agodon, suggested, she says, by Dave Bonta."

Find the link to the list of blogs (so far) beneath the image...

Perhaps I'll be inspired to get back to posting here, at least from time to time...!  Read More 
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Flames & wells...

Thanks to Scabland Books for publishing this page...
I read a post the other day wherein a fellow poet lamented feeling "nonexistent" because her submittable portal was empty... and then later, in the campus arts center, I ran into a colleague who said something like: Oh yes, I always have to have a full page of active submissions, just tons of work out there all the time... And this set me to thinking again: it's true, the more proverbial irons in the fire, the more alive with potential I feel, and therefore inspired, to forge on.

But of course,  Read More 
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