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POEMS, graphic & other

POETRY COMIX, Graphic & visual poems

Graphic poems forthcoming in THRUSH Poetry Journal, Permafrost, Poetry Northwest, Evergreen: Fairy Tales, Essays, and Fables from the Dark Northwest (Scablands Books), and elsewhere.


Also selected recently as Finalist for the New Alchemy Award.


Graphic poems appear in Lilac City Fairy Tales Vol. IV, Towers & Dungeons, published by Scablands Books, and additional graphic work appears in Root & Star.



LACE was just selected as the winner of the FLoating Bridge Chapbook competigion, and will appear in the fall 2019.


"Prayer with Torn Edges & Animals" was recently named a Finlist for the Palette Poetry Prize, judged by Edward Hirsch.


New poems appear recently and/or are forthcoming in SWWIM, Quarterly West, and elsewhere.

Women's Studies Quarterly, Vol. 43
“What Rough Beast”

“Strung,” November, 2014
“Fable,” October, 2011

Poetry Northwest,
“Bewilder,” “Snow Globe,” “Nothing to Declare”

Boston Book Review
"The Cup" (Vol. 5, Issue 6)
"Harm's Way"(Vol. 4, Issue 1)

RUNES, Winter Solstice 2005, ed. Follet & Terris.

The Journal
“Postlude: Madrigal” (Volume 28.2)
“Residuum” (Volume 26.1)
"About Refusal" (Volume 21.1)

Orion Magazine;
Vol. 22 Issue 5 (Fall 2003)
(Spring 2000)
“One or Two Things Sacred to Sorrow”

Sonora Review; Issue 45
"Pregnant Sonnet II"; "Pregnant Sonnet VIII"

Ploughshares; Vol. 31 Issue 4, p138

New England Review; Vol. 25 Issue 3, p76

Northwest Review;
Vol. 48 Issue 1
"Tenants"; "Tibishi"; "Gandy Dance";"Kam Wah Chung & Co"
Vol. 48 Issue 2
"Whiskey"; "Welshpool, c 1807"; "Cursing Pot"

New Orleans Review
Vol. 29 Issue 1
"Anemnesis"; "Plumed Wings, Apposing Thumbs & Other Household Mutations"
Vol. 34 Issue 1, p18