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"Only a poet this assured and restless could make our ordinary world an enchantment." -- Terrance Hayes

"Katrina Roberts is the kind of poet who knows how to nurture the energies of pleasure and grief, ecstasy and despair, and bring them fully formed to the page." —Laura Kasischke

"Katrina Roberts is a poet of wise abundance, spending it all, saving nothing, whose words I trust to mine and mind their ever-generative sources." -- Lia Purpura

"Not all poets can love a world as alternately beautiful and decayed as ours, and not all poems can sustain us with the complex, far-reaching vision and hope we need. But in Katrina Roberts we have a poet who companions herself to hard histories, to ancient proverbs, and to her own family, and finds in each an endurance to save us into the next day’s reckoning."-- Katie Ford

Quick BIO glimpse:


Katrina Roberts is author of four books of poems (Underdog; Friendly Fire; The Quick; and How Late Desire Looks; and the chapbook Lace; as well as editor of the anthology: Because You Asked: A Book of Answers on the Art & Craft of the Writing Life.



Her book-length graphic poetry manuscript LIKENESS has been named a finalist for the Pleiades Visual Poetry Series.


Her work appears in places such as The Pushcart Prize Anthology, Best American Poetry, and The Bread Loaf Anthology of New American Poets.


Also, named finalist for the New Alchemy Award, her poetry comics have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize, and appear, or are forthcoming, in places such as Poetry Northwest (, Thrush Poetry Journal (, The American Journal of Poetry, The Ilanot Review, Root & Star, Permafrost, Lilac City Fairy Tales Vol IV, and anthologies including Evergreen: Fairy Tales, Essays, and Fables from the Dark Northwest.


She writes and draws in Walla Walla, Washington, where she teaches and curates the Visiting Writers Reading Series at Whitman College, and co-runs the Walla Walla Distilling Company.